Double The Fun: Finished Peonies

These peonies were fun to create. The white peony has a beautiful center of different shades of brilliant yellow with a tinge of orange on the tips. The dark colored peony are a combination of purples, alizarin crimson and magentas, which are some of my favorite colors. I framed both in small, black shadowbox frames with a white mat. I think they would be nice hung together on a wall — perhaps filling up that empty little nook.


Lots of Flowers!

peoniesI’ll soon be finishing up my little 3-D giraffe and then I will be onto my next paper sculpture.

The peonies in my garden this spring were so beautiful, I knew I had to make them into a paper sculpture. Here’s a smattering of some of the photos I will use as reference.

I’ll post the peony sketches very soon.