Plein Air Painting

It was nice to be able to relax and do some plein air painting while I was on vacation. I very seldom paint outside, so it was good to challenge myself to work outside and to paint some landscapes in watercolors.

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Looking to Magazines for Inspiration

Looking for inspiration and the desire to learn what other artists are working on?  It can be difficult when you are working by yourself, in your studio, to continue to learn and grow your skills and to continue to feel inspired. Sure there are plenty of things you can Google on the internet, but I often find that can be a bit overwhelming and very time consuming.

But, I can bypass that whole step just by picking up one of my favorite art magazines. I can meet popular artists that are working in the same medium I am; discover their techniques for mastering watercolor and gouache. I wouldn’t have been able to “meet” most of these artists just by doing general online internet searches.

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Last week I posted a list of my top 10 favorite things to draw, and I mentioned on point 10 that I would get back to you with a story. Well here it is.

Now, the funniest part about this whole list of “Things I like to Draw and Paint”, is that I happen to like pinwheels. So over the last several years, every now and then, I’ll buy myself a pinwheel from the Dollar Store.  My daughter always teases me about my “pinwheel collection”, as she calls it.

But, I keep telling her that I am not collecting them, I am buying them for reference material. I buy them because I have an idea in mind that I want to use them for a painting, but I just haven’t gotten time to paint it yet.  Well, I don’t have any evidence of ever painting a pinwheel from the last post because I really hadn’t gotten around to painting any.

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Crab on the Beach

Currently, I am working on a new watercolor painting. I decided to paint a series of sea themed paintings. This is the first one in the new series, Seashells at the beach.  I have lots of great reference material for inspiration and watercolor and gouache is a great medium to use for painting seashells.


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Surprise! – Work in Progress

One of the most interesting and inspirational things to me as an artist is to discover and learn how other artists work.  So for today’s blog post, I thought I would show a couple of photos of my own paintings in progress.

Before I even start a painting, I will do lots of sketches planning out my composition. Simultaneously, as I decide what I want to paint, I will also go through my large reference file of photos for inspiration.  This painting, of the pink flowering tree was a gorgeous tree that was planted at our old home in Pennsylvania. Every spring it would blossom in beautiful pink flowers.  The tree always seemed so loaded down with flowers.  I don’t know the name of the tree, but I knew that someday I was going to paint it.


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New Adventures

I just created six new paintings in watercolor and gouache. I am very excited about these new pieces. I added a touch of realistic whimsy to each of my pieces. By this I mean that each painting has a little “surprise”, a small three dimensional element that is added on top of each painting in the form of paper sculpture.

This is the first time I am combining the two different styles of art that I am most familiar with: painting and  paper sculpture art. The added touch of paper sculpture brings a whole new level and dimension to my art, seamlessly blending paper and paint in a way that would be hard to replicate and really fits who I am as an artist.


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