Inktober: Giraffe Family

Here is another one of my 3D black and white line paper sculpture illustrations that combines #Inktober with #Sculptober, a small family of giraffes.



Sketching the Giraffe

I decided I wanted to make a paper sculpture of a giraffe. Before I start my sculptures, I like to draw a lot of sketches. Sketching is all part of my initial planning stage. It really helps me to work through a lot of different types of decisions I need to make before I can even begin the 3D elements of one of my paper sculptures.

How large will the finished paper sculpture be? Will it be photo realistic or more whimsical? Will the giraffe be facing forward or will it be a profile view? Am I going to make his whole entire body? What do I want to focus on and draw attention to? What will the composition of the piece look like?

I like their eyes and their long eyelashes, so that is something I wanted to highlight. I also wanted to show off his mane and his ossicones (horn-like antlers) on the top of his head. After lots of sketching, I decided I would make a 3D portrait of the giraffe instead of showing his whole entire body. And, I wanted to show his face as a profile view and have it look like he is coming out from behind the white mat of the framed picture.

Here are some of the preliminary sketches I drew of my giraffe.

Coming up in my next blog post: the finished giraffe!

Lots of Love for the Giraffe

The other day I was thinking about all the animals I have drawn during the course of my illustration career. Over the years I have drawn animals from all different types of environments such as elephants, frigate birds, peacocks, lizards, monkeys, cardinals, zebras, and lots more. Many of the illustrations were painted in watercolor and gouache or pen and ink line art for various children’s publications, activity pages, games, and greeting cards.

I would have to say that one of my favorite animals to draw is a giraffe. Of course, everyone knows they have that very long neck, but I also like them because they are so tall and I think those long eyelashes give their faces so much character.

Here’s a couple of my giraffe illustrations I’ve done over the years. And, in a few weeks, you will see my next paper sculpture. Yep, you guessed it — a giraffe!


Vote: Which safari would you rather?

One of the difficult things about being your own boss and working out of your own studio is you rarely get to hear feedback from people. Without feedback and constructive criticism, it is nearly impossible to improve or continue to create and deliver what people are looking for, so I need your help! Please VOTE in the comments section on which of the following you like better!

The two below paper cut illustrations are “Safari Paper Cutting Silhouettes”, and the “Safari Paper Cutting Silhouettes with Watercolor background.” Please vote as to which paper cut illustration you prefer–the black and white silhouette or the one with the watercolor sunset background.

Safari Paper Cutting Silhouette

Safari Paper Cutting Silhouette

Safari Paper Cutting Silhouettes with Watercolor Background

Safari Paper Cutting Silhouettes with Watercolor Background

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