The Making of a Sunflower

I’ve been working on some large wall flowers made out of paper. They are a lot of fun to make. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of a sunflower.

In this photo I am making the outside ring of  center pieces for the sunflower.

Photo of a sunflower and sunflower art pieces

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Procrastinators Anonymous – How long will it take?

Okay, you received an inquiry about a project and you are negotiating with your client, working out the details of the assignment.  One of the important questions about the assignment that your client will most likely ask, besides price, is going to be, “How long will it take?”  Have you ever had to pull an all-nighter because you miscalculated early on in the project just how much time it will take to complete an assignment?  Have you ever felt the panic and stress set in as that date circled in red on the calendar is looming towards you at lightning speed?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, you are not alone.  I’ve done that more years than I care to remember. I am working on de-stressing my life—learning to create accurate schedules is a huge help in that endeavor.

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Quick! Get the Camera!

Quick, get the Camera!  Oh, never mind… It’s at home!  I sure did learn the hard way to always have a camera with me. Years ago – long before cell phones/cameras — we were driving through the beautiful countryside on a winding road in the fall, through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. As we were headed down into the valley were eight of the most beautiful hot air balloons I had ever seen.

It was so unexpected! I had driven on this road hundreds of times, watching for deer, checking out the various horse farms, but never had I seen I sight like this.  These weren’t just your usual type of hot air balloons with the various striped color designs. Each balloon was a different character- one was even the shape of a witch!

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Fells Point Gallery

It was a beautiful day in Baltimore today-sunny and hot. My husband and I dropped off two new miniature paintings at the Art Gallery at Fells Point in Baltimore MD today.  The gallery is on Thames Street, close to the inner harbor.  They are having their 30th Annual Miniature Art Exhibition in October.  After we dropped off my paintings, we thought we would spend the day in Baltimore and check out the area.


To our surprise, the weekly Farmer’s Market with some craft vendor’s was also going on in the morning at Fells Point. My husband bought me a beautiful pair of earrings from one of the local artists, SilverWear Originals. I was happy to hear she also has a shop on Etsy where she sells her jewelry, (just in case I need another pair of earrings!)  I really like her style and designs of her jewelry. I also like being able to purchase something handmade and from a local artist.

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Last week I posted a list of my top 10 favorite things to draw, and I mentioned on point 10 that I would get back to you with a story. Well here it is.

Now, the funniest part about this whole list of “Things I like to Draw and Paint”, is that I happen to like pinwheels. So over the last several years, every now and then, I’ll buy myself a pinwheel from the Dollar Store.  My daughter always teases me about my “pinwheel collection”, as she calls it.

But, I keep telling her that I am not collecting them, I am buying them for reference material. I buy them because I have an idea in mind that I want to use them for a painting, but I just haven’t gotten time to paint it yet.  Well, I don’t have any evidence of ever painting a pinwheel from the last post because I really hadn’t gotten around to painting any.

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New Adventures

I just created six new paintings in watercolor and gouache. I am very excited about these new pieces. I added a touch of realistic whimsy to each of my pieces. By this I mean that each painting has a little “surprise”, a small three dimensional element that is added on top of each painting in the form of paper sculpture.

This is the first time I am combining the two different styles of art that I am most familiar with: painting and  paper sculpture art. The added touch of paper sculpture brings a whole new level and dimension to my art, seamlessly blending paper and paint in a way that would be hard to replicate and really fits who I am as an artist.


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Never Enough Reference Material

As I may have mentioned before, I use a lot of reference material for my work.  I also happen to enjoy collecting reference material, because, well, you just never know when you might need it.   That is my explanation for this large stack of recently purchase books…


All my new books, spread across the table.

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Welcome to Art Central

I want to start a blog to share my experiences as an artist, in hopes of connecting with other creative people.  I will share a little about my work, a little about artists that are inspiring to me, info about some interesting art related articles and shows, and anything I find inspiring and art related.

I am an illustrator who has been around the block with many different creative projects.  (Read the about me section for more details.) I started as a freelance illustrator out of college.

I recently discovered miniature artists/shows, and paper sculpture art.  I am so excited about all of this, and its fun to share my excitement about art with other people and I am hoping to reach people who have the same level of interest as I do.

In summary: Art, art and more art!