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Melinda Fabian Illustrator





3 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Hey Melinda,
    Are you back in MD? We need to get together and catch up! Kids are all grown up– we are Grandparents! Would love to see you! Let’s do lunch!!
    Carolyn Piland

  2. Melinda, I attended really my first art show with my son and his wife here in Havre De Grace, MD last month. I am telling you from my heart how deeply I enjoyed your work. I could not take myself away from it. You truly are blessed with a gift that can put a smile on a heart as you did mine. Thank for giving me so wonderful an evening there.

    • Hi Joan,
      Thank you for sending me your note and for complementing me on my art work. I am so happy to hear you enjoyed seeing my paper sculptures. They are so much fun to create. I like the challenge of it but I also want there to be that element of surprise when the viewer discovers the art is just made out of paper. One of my biggest hopes for my art, is that it will bring a smile to the person who is looking at my art work-and perhaps brighten the person’s day – even if only for a moment. Thanks again.

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