Beautiful Birdwing Butterfly

Butterflies are so beautiful – all those colors and different shaped wings! I couldn’t resist painting this birdwing butterfly. What makes these butterflies so impressive are its stunning colors. The black against the yellow, is such a stark contrast in color, but then the bluish green in the wings blends and camouflages among the colors in their surroundings. As the wings flutter against the leaves, the butterfly can get lost amongst the shadows in the trees and the blues in the sky.

There aren’t too many butterflies that have a touch of red on their bodies like the birdwing butterfly. Just one more element that makes them so spectacular. Because of the red and black colors on this butterfly, it inspired me to include a little black and red ladybug in the painting.  The tiny little paper ladybug sitting on the leaf in the upper left corner, creates a three dimensional element to the watercolor painting.

This miniature hand painted watercolor birdwing butterfly is now in available for sale in my shop. The outside frame of the butterfly measures 4.5” x 3.5” x 1.25.”


Too Tall Tully

Here’s some photos of my completed paper-sculpted giraffe. He was fun to create. I especially liked making his eyes and the mane of this young giraffe. I exaggerated his mane on top of his head and the ossicones, which I think adds character to his cute little face. I think he looks like a young giraffe just starting to figure out what mischief to get into.

I chose the name Tully (Gaelic origin), because it means peace. I think of giraffes as looking like they are calm and peaceful animals. But, I like to think this young little giraffe named Tully  also has a little bit of a playful spirit in him.

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day
Paper Sculpture Illustration by Melinda Fabian

I was inspired to create this three-dimensional paper sculpture of an eagle after my visit to Conowingo Dam in Darlington, MD last November. In the fall, it is one of the best places to watch bald eagles as they glide through the air and then swoop down to catch a fish from the Susquehanna River below. Without hesitation, the eagle grabs their dinner soaring back up into the sky, eventually resting in the trees, eating their catch- unless their dinner was snatched up by one of the other eagles soaring by.

There were so many other photographers lined up along the fence waiting to take photos as the eagles flew overhead. As soon as someone would spot one of the birds of prey, they would call out, “Left” or Right”, to signal which side the eagle is taking off so you could start shooting your camera at them. Immediately, you would hear the continuous clicking sounds of the shutters going off, as the photographers are spinning around in a circular pattern following the flight of the eagle, trying not to become dizzy as they are getting their best shot of this powerful bird.

It is an amazing site to see so many eagles at one location and to be able to watch their behavior. I couldn’t help but create a paper sculpture eagle for one of my miniature shows.

The eagle sculpture titled, Catch of the Day was accepted into the juried 25th Annual International Miniature Show at Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA. The show starts May 2, 2017 and goes till June 4, 2017.  Each feather is individually cut out of white paper, shaped and glued together to form the eagle. After the eagle is formed, it is then painted in watercolor and gouache. The paper sculpture eagle is framed in a wooden shadowbox picture frame.

Quackers Win Honorable Mention

quackers_melinda_fabian_paperI was honored to receive Honorable Mention in the Sculpture category for my 3-D paper sculpture titled Quackers at the 2016 Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C.’s 83rd Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.

The miniature art show will be on display through Dec. 31, 2016 at the Mansion at Strathmore, 10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in to see the miniature art show.





Support Your Local Artists

melinda_fabianharford_artists_galleryLooking for that perfect gift? Your local art gallery may be just the place to find it! Many galleries are often filled with art made by artists in your very own town. You can find beautiful works of ar, including watercolors, pastels, oils paintings, sculptures – in many different styles, from realistic to abstract– in a wide price range to fit into different budgets.

Many artists will also print their art work on note cards or sell prints of their work. Not looking for a painting to hang on the wall this season? That’s OK, your local gallery probably has a jewelry artist, ceramic artist, woodworker, and perhaps a fabric designer specializing in creating beautiful women’s scarves. You never know what kind of treasures you will find until you stop in!

melinda_fabian_havre_de_grace_holiday_galleryVisiting your local gallery is also a nice way to learn more about your favorite artist. Many times, the artists also work at the galleries, so you can meet them in person. It is a nice way to learn the artist’s story – why they are interested in creating that type of art work, how they got their start and what process they go through to create their art work.

There’ still plenty of time to visit your local art gallery to find that perfect handmade gift made by one of the artists in your community. Happy Shopping!

My Art Work can be seen at the following locations:

Paper Critters: Paper Sculpture by Melinda Fabian

Here are a couple photos from my solo exhibition at the gallery at the Havre de Grace Library in Havre de Grace, Md. My exhibition, which includes 26 paper sculpture pieces, shows a wide range of what can be done with just a simple piece of paper — from a paper silhouette giraffe to the complex shaping and forming of a 3-D iguana. The complex 3-D realistic paper sculptures seamlessly blend hand-sculpted paper elements painted in watercolor and gouache to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

The exhibit will be on display through Oct. 14, 2016.

hdgl_gallery_3b_fabian Continue reading

My Work At Parklane Gallery

Giraffe.Melinda.FabianThree of my miniature art paintings are for sale at the Parklane Gallery located at 130 Park Lane, Kirkland, WA  98033.

My Giraffe, “Nelly,” a miniature iguana in his habitat titled, “Hanging Around” and a tiny sandy seashell scene titled, “Seaside Treasures” are all on display.

The 24th Annual International Juried Miniature Show will run from May 3 through June 5, 2016. You can also see the show and make a purchase from their online gallery via their website if you aren’t able to see the show in person.


Mini Art in Nags Head

Elephant_Melinda_FabianFrom April 30 through May 30, two of my miniature paper sculptures, Peanuts Please! and Springtime Delights, will be at the 25th International Miniature Art Show at the Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, N.C.

This will be the third year my artwork has been on display, and Seaside Art Gallery has become one of my favorite miniature shows. Partly that’s because of the history of the art gallery itself.

Opened in 1961 by the Smith family, the same year Nags Head was founded, the Seaside Art Gallery has become a favorite of the beach town. It started as a one-room gallery and over the years expanded to the 12-room art mecca it is today. It continues to be a family-operated business that specializes in original artwork of all kinds. Seaside Art Gallery is now run by second-generation owner and accredited fine arts appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers, Melanie Smith.

With few recognized official miniature shows around the country, Seaside Art Gallery runs one of the largest. On how it got started, Smith says, “My father Chester Smith and his wife Arnette were in Florida visiting with our artist, David Hunter. They enjoyed the miniature art show in Florida so much that he decided to do one here.” The first annual miniature show opened in 1991.

Featuring hundreds of pieces in a variety of mediums from across the country and around the world, there is sure to be something for everyone. The artwork, which must be 1/6 the scale of the original subject, offers the finest detail in a package you can’t resist.

The best part of running a miniature show? For Smith it’s getting in the artwork. “I love having all of the little boxes coming in from all over the USA and the world, opening them up and seeing all of the surprising treasures.”

Visit Seaside Art Gallery April 30–May 30, and preview all the artwork in the miniature show here. And don’t forget to explore the rest of Seaside Art Gallery while you’re at it!

SCBWI Conference Time

Portfolio_SCBWI_M.FabianOn March 19–20 I attended my first Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators MD/DE/WV regional event in Buckeystown, Md.

Saturday morning began with the keynote speaker Betsy Bird, followed by the choice of five out of 15 total lectures to attend. Many of sessions were geared towards writers, such as “Composing the Query Letter” by Victoria Selvaggio, “Write to Inspire: Work for Hire” by Kara Laughlin, “Writing with Pictures: Considering the Pictures When Writing for Picture Books and Graphic Novels” by Traci Todd, and “Revising a Novel from the Author’s and Editor’s Perspectives” by Andrew Harwell and Nanci Turner Steveson. Continue reading

Harford Artists Gallery

Mini_Rooster_M.FabianI currently have several of my paper sculpture illustrations on display and for sale at the Harford Artists Gallery in Bel Air, Md., from March 4, through April 24, 2016.

Many artists will be displaying their art work at the gallery — oils, watercolors, jewelry and more. There will be an artist’s reception on March 12 from 1–4 p.m. Stop by if you’re in town!