Inktober: Giraffe Family

Here is another one of my 3D black and white line paper sculpture illustrations that combines #Inktober with #Sculptober, a small family of giraffes.



Hopscotch Goes To Washington, D.C.

I am so honored to find out that my little Hopscotch 3D paper sculpture was accepted into the 2017 Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS)  84th  International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature show. The miniature show will run Nov. 19 through Jan. 6, 2018, at The Mansion at Strathmore, 10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD  20852.

#Inktober: Hidden Object Ducks

Since this is #Inktober month, I thought it would be fun to post a drawing that would combine #Inktober and #ThrowbackThursday.

I have drawn hundreds of line drawings over the years and some of my favorites are hidden object puzzles such as this one which was originally drawn for and published in Nature Friend Magazine.

Hidden object puzzles are loved by many but as an artist, they are also a lot of fun to draw. Sometimes they can be quite difficult and challenging to draw depending on how many objects you are trying to hide in the picture.

Celebrating Inktober!

Inktober is a 31-day social media art challenge where artists from all over the world participate. The idea is that during the month of October, artists post a new ink drawing daily on their social media sites using the #inktober hashtag. This is a fun, motivational challenge any artist can participate in and a great way to practice your drawing and inking skills and to get into the habit of drawing every day.

How did Inktober get started? In 2009, artist Jake Parker wanted to improve his inking skills and instill good drawing habits. As a personal challenge, he decided he would post a daily inked drawing for an entire month on social media. People began to notice his daily posts and looked forward to seeing the next one. His personal challenge has now grown into a worldwide event every October.

Because it is a voluntary challenge, there are no hard and fast rules with a bunch of strict requirements — no mandatory items that must be drawn, no tests, no grades, everyone will pass, and you will most likely improve your drawing and inking skills. So it’s a win-win situation. The main concept is to challenge yourself — to practice — but then you have to put it out there — post it online. (For me that is the hardest part!)

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