Beautiful Birdwing Butterfly

Butterflies are so beautiful – all those colors and different shaped wings! I couldn’t resist painting this birdwing butterfly. What makes these butterflies so impressive are its stunning colors. The black against the yellow, is such a stark contrast in color, but then the bluish green in the wings blends and camouflages among the colors in their surroundings. As the wings flutter against the leaves, the butterfly can get lost amongst the shadows in the trees and the blues in the sky.

There aren’t too many butterflies that have a touch of red on their bodies like the birdwing butterfly. Just one more element that makes them so spectacular. Because of the red and black colors on this butterfly, it inspired me to include a little black and red ladybug in the painting.  The tiny little paper ladybug sitting on the leaf in the upper left corner, creates a three dimensional element to the watercolor painting.

This miniature hand painted watercolor birdwing butterfly is now in available for sale in my shop. The outside frame of the butterfly measures 4.5” x 3.5” x 1.25.”


Save Your Old Sketch Books

Hold onto all those old sketch books. They are filled with lots of ideas and reference material. I can’t tell you have often I have gone back to look through my sketch books. There are lots of ideas of things I wanted to do, to create and sketches of things I want to transfer into paper sculpture. Even the sketch books from 10 and 20 years ago are helpful. It can spark new ideas. It reminds you of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. They contain ideas that can spark a new idea. Sometimes it is an idea I had twenty years ago but forgot about it, but now I can now grow upon that thought.

What hidden treasures do you have saved inside your old sketch books?

Last Days of Summer Fun

As we are half way through the month of August, I was thinking about how fast it seemed to go by. The summer will soon be coming to an end and the children will be back at school once again.

Even though I didn’t make it to any of the beaches this season, I was thinking about all of the different beach and ocean related items I have made throughout the years. Watercolors, pen and ink drawings, and paper sculptures. I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things to paper sculpt are beach themed items. But the funny thing is, I prefer to go for long walks in the woods and vacation in the mountains, than swim in the ocean.

There are so many interesting and awesome things to make from the shore and beach. Seashells, fish, coral reefs, crabs, and seahorses to name a few. I like the challenge of recreating all the textures and colors of the objects. Sea creatures are such interesting looking animals.

Sometimes I challenge myself to create photorealistic pieces, like the Paper Shells or Crab On The Beach, pictured here. Other times, it is fun to imagine something very colorful and delightful, like the seahorse among all the different types of coral in Under The Sea.

I hope my beach-themed paper sculptures make you smile. Enjoy the last couple weeks of the summer! Be safe and have some fun!


Gerbera Daisy Galore

Last week I mentioned that I was going to make a bunch of paper daisies in a variety of sizes. As I was working on the center of the daisies I remembered how pretty the Gerbera Daisy centers looked and thought they would also be fun to make.

I made a phone call to my local grocery stores’ flower shop, and found out they had some in their store. They had quite a few different colors and varieties of the Gerbera daisies, but I knew I couldn’t buy all of them and decided to narrow it down to two different colors of daisies. It was not an easy decision to only pick two colors out of the whole bunch. They all look so beautiful. But, if I bought more, I wouldn’t be able to make them in paper before they wilted. It is so nice to work form the live flowers instead of working from photographs.

Here are a couple of photos in progress. My favorite one is the photorealistic pink Gerbera Daisy. I liked working out the details of the center of the daisy and figuring out how to replicate it by just using paper and paint.

I also made a variety of different sizes of daisies — purple and yellow and white ones. The yellow daisy is the largest one I made. It was nice to work on something larger than I normally do for a change.

What’s up for next week schedule … three-dimensional paper letters.

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