Finding Inspiration


Zion Canyon

Getting out of the studio and seeing different scenery is a great way to find inspiration for new ideas for your next upcoming project.

Recently, I traveled to the southwestern U.S. to an area of the country I had never seen before. I visited Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah and the Hoover Dam, which is on the border of Nevada and Arizona.


Lake Mead at Hoover Dam

Each location offered breathtaking views. The beautiful, rich, teal colors of the water of Lake Mead flowing through the rock canyon is a sight to see at Hoover Dam. The colors of the cliffs, the height and the very different types of rock formations that both Zion and Bryce have to offer are spectacular. It is so fascinating to see the different types of plants — tumble week, scruffy bushes and shrubs, evergreens, palm trees, and of course a variety of flowers.

There just isn’t anything like that on the east coast. The landscape is so different in that area of the country. Here on the east coast, we have the lush green mountains and the rolling hills. I think each state across the country has something interesting to offer in its landscape.


Bryce Canyon

I hope you all have the opportunity to take some time out of your studio to get a different view — take the camera, get away for a little while, if only for the afternoon. You don’t have to travel across country to get motivated to paint something new. Visit your local parks or even your own back yard, and I am sure you will feel inspired and excited to once again get back to your studio to paint up a new superb masterpiece.

Sometimes just looking at the scenery around you from a new perspective — perhaps from ground level, an “ants perspective,” or an aerial view like a “birds perspective” — can be enough to entice your imagination for your next painting.

Happy Painting!


My Work At Parklane Gallery

Giraffe.Melinda.FabianThree of my miniature art paintings are for sale at the Parklane Gallery located at 130 Park Lane, Kirkland, WA  98033.

My Giraffe, “Nelly,” a miniature iguana in his habitat titled, “Hanging Around” and a tiny sandy seashell scene titled, “Seaside Treasures” are all on display.

The 24th Annual International Juried Miniature Show will run from May 3 through June 5, 2016. You can also see the show and make a purchase from their online gallery via their website if you aren’t able to see the show in person.