Where Women Create Business

Where_Women_Create_BusinessI highly recommend the magazine, Where Women Create Business. One in a series of Where Women Create magazines, the business edition includes inspirational stories about women business owners. Women describe their business, often discussing why they started their company, some of the things they have learned along the way and offer a few of their best business tips. Visit Where Women Create‘s website, and pick up your own copy!

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Pinkney,-Powell,-DailyI always find inspiration from the work of other artists, and here are three of my favorites:

Linda K. Powell
Linda K. Powell is a wildlife illustrator. She created beautiful, realistic and often whimsical watercolor illustrations of animals depicted in adorable scenes. The scenes feel as though the animals could come to life right off of the paper. She illustrated and licensed her work on greeting cards, calendars, magazines, and more. She is the first illustrator I began to follow as a very young child, long before I even realized what an illustrator was or did for a living. At that time, I just knew I liked her art. As soon as I would see our “Current” stationery mail-order catalog arrive in our mailbox, I would immediately flip through the pages looking for the cards and stationery with Linda’s work on it.

Jerry Pinkney
I attended one of Jerry Pinkney’s gallery exhibits and was inspired by his beautifully detailed illustrations. He has illustrated over 100 children’s books, including classics such as Aseop’s Fables. It was wonderful to see his original art in person. I really like the detail and backgrounds in his work.

Don Daily
Don Daily is known for having illustrated many children’s publications. Like my other favorite artists, I find his watercolor illustrations beautiful and detailed. He often illustrated classic children’s literature stories, such as The Velveteen Rabbit. I had to buy his illustrated version of the book just because the illustrations were so gorgeous! How could I possibly pass that up?

Who are some of your favorite artists?