Seahorse Poster

Fabian_Paper_Art_SeahorseI am in the process of getting my booth ready for the upcoming fine arts festival at Annmarie Gardens this weekend. I wanted a large, colorful piece of art to hang on the back wall of my booth. All of my paper sculpture illustrations are fairly small, so I needed to make something that would stand out and catch people’s eye as they enter my booth, but I didn’t want to spend weeks and weeks creating the art. Keeping with the paper theme, I decided to make a large paper silhouette.

Using three different sheets of paper, I hand cut these colorful seahorses and fish. I used three different sheets of paper — bright yellow, pink and green — and then I attached them together to form one large poster. I  think it will work great! I plan on hanging it up against my dark blue curtains in the back of the 10” x 10” booth.



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