Seaside Art Gallery – Miniatures In Video

In May, three of my paintings were featured in the Seaside Art Gallery’s 24th International Miniature Art Show. Just this past week, I discovered a video by the Outerbanks Voice featuring reporter Kay Barefoot and Seaside Art Gallery owner, Melanie Smith. A nice focus on the miniature art show, Barefoot and Smith provide an overview of the miniature art show. They even discuss my Junk Drawer paper sculpture and the camera shows detail of my elephant’s ears and Juno the Peacock’s feathers.


Even though it may be a little late, the Outerbanks Voice video gives an overview of the show and the different kinds of art featured, the history of the wonderful Seaside Art Gallery and a great discussion about what miniature art is. For example, did you know the 1/6 rule means a human head in miniature art can’t be larger than a quarter? Check out the video below, and see if you can spot my elephant, peacock and junk drawer!


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