Great Expectations


“River Landscape” – Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1607

Last week I mentioned that sometimes viewing artwork online sets up expectations in terms of size and viewing experience that turn out to be very different in person. This week, following that idea, I wanted to share an experience like this I had a few years ago when I was visiting the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. I saw “River Landscape” by the Flemish artist, Jan Brueghel the Elder in person.

I couldn’t get over the size of the painting! It seems impossible that the painting is only 8 1/8” x 12 5/8” in size. The amount of detail he was able to create with each tiny little brush stroke was truly amazing. Breathtaking. I could have stood there for hours trying to exam each minute detail of that painting. (But, to the other people in my group’s delight, I kept on moving!)

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L>M: Small works in a great space

Less_is_More Friday night, I attended the Artist’s Reception for their L>M (Less is More) miniature art show at the Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, MD.  The weather was gorgeous, the art was amazing, and the food was delicious. It was refreshing to see so many people attending this event.

The show consists of 269 works of art from 185 artists. The show had a wide variety of art – paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry. Realistic or abstract-there was something for everyone to enjoy and to be a part of. One of the most important stipulations to the show was that the artwork could not be any larger than 8” x 10” x 4”. I also think it’s great that the proceeds from this event will support other educational programs at Mitchell Gallery. It is a nice way to give back to the community.

Two of my watercolor paper sculpture illustrations titled; “Seahorse Surprise” and “Summer in the Meadow” were selected to be a part of the exhibition.  As an artist, it is very exciting to see your work hanging up in a gallery amongst your peers.  It was a pleasure to create my paintings and my hope is that visitors to the gallery will also see and feel the same excitement I do, and hopefully make them smile.

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