More about portfolios

Last week, I mentioned I would expand more about portfolios, so here it is. To review, at first, you may have several areas that interest you and you may not be certain which area will be best suited for your style of illustration work. You can target different markets by creating different portfolios geared towards the different fields, clients and publishers. Try to narrow down your interests to reflect your strongest traits in your work. But, be careful and selective. Can you really excel as a medical illustrator, comic book illustrator and a children’s illustrator?  Probably not. No one is good at everything.


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How to Get Started as an Illustrator

1.) Education: While it is not mandatory and there are some illustrators that have made it in this business without receiving a four year college degree, I would still strongly encourage anyone interested in illustration as a career to receive that degree in Illustration, Communication Design, or Advertising Art. It will be very valuable and worth every cent.


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Have You Googled Yourself Recently?

When a friend of mine googled me, they emailed me this link to an article they found online that featured one of my paper sculpture illustrations. They wanted to let me know they found this article from an online newspaper. I was very thankful they sent me the note. I had absolutely no idea my artwork was pictured in this article.  It was a nice surprise.


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