Sketch Books

A few years ago a bought lots of sketch books—they were on sale at a great price from one of those big box stores and it was of course too good of a deal to pass up!

SketchbooksI have lots of sketch books filled with ideas for paintings and ideas of new paintings I’d like to do sometime in the future. Often times when I get a new idea of something to work on, I would end up jotting it down sometimes including a little thumbnail sketch, only to end up with lots of little notes throughout my house.

Putting all my notes in one sketch book is great, but I have a lot of sketch books!  That takes me a very long time to flip through my books searching for one of my “good” ideas I’ve had in the past. After I bought all of those sketch books at one time, I came up with a new idea that has worked pretty well to keep all my sketches and ideas together in one place.

I labeled each sketch book. One sketch book is labeled ‘Greeting Cards’, others are labeled ‘Licensing’, ‘Paper Sculpture’, ‘Illustrations and Quilling’. (Why quilling?  Because this is just another category of ideas I have floating around in my head, so it is better to just get it down onto paper and sketch it right out of my head! Literally!)

Once I sketch or write my idea down on paper, it can’t get lost on those little pieces of scrap papers I have lying around the house or spend hours searching for it in one of my many sketch books. After I write down the idea, it actually feels like my brain then moves onto my next idea.

Categorizing my sketches and ideas has helped me to be more organized and efficient especially when trying to look for my next great idea for a new painting! But where do those ideas come from in the first place?  I really don’t know. It just happens.


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