What New Year’s Resolution?

Well?  Are you tired of reading and hearing all about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions yet? Every year-the same old thing! Ugh! I usually don’t bother to make any and the few times when I did, I broke them almost as quickly as I made them. So what’s the point? Right?

I was thinking of all those people making new lists. Even poor old Santa has to start making a new list as soon as December is over!

Santa Christmas Greeting Card Merry Christmas Card with Can You Find Hidden Picture Game

Anyway. I’ve had two weeks vacation and after visiting with many relatives, I spent most of the second week at home just reading and relaxing. I did end up reflecting on the past year-which was a doozie!  Very thankful it all turned out so well in the end, but believe me, it had more downs than ups. I am glad to be moving ahead with 2014.

I guess the whole point of those endless lists of resolutions is that by making the list and actually writing it down on paper, can somehow force those dreams into reality, even though deep down for most of us, we know it most likely will never happen. Those lists sound more like demands to me. Lose 20 pounds! Exercise! Eat Healthy! Get Organized! Volunteer! Make More Money!  I am getting a headache just thinking of all those demands!

What I really need is hope. Without hope, where would we be? Hope helps us move forward into the future. Being an artist—a freelancer—I have to have hope. Hope that I continue to grow as an artist in my field, continue to create family friendly illustrations and paper sculptures that brings joy and happiness to people who see it and want to see more.

If I don’t have hope, then I will very quickly spiral down that dark gloomy alley towards depression. Hope will keep me alive. I think hope is that little spark inside each and every one of us—something that all of us humans need. It sparks inspiration. Dares us to dream. When we are inspired, just think of all the exciting things we can accomplish and all the things we can just begin to dream about.

So, as I relaxed and enjoyed a quiet week at home, I did reflect upon the past year. I am very hopeful, inspired and re-energized for this new year of 2014. I definitely would like to encourage everyone to try and take time to be still and quiet, and to reflect upon your life.  A week is very difficult to find. But if I  turn off the computer, my phone, close the door to my studio, and sit quietly for a few minutes it can be very helpful.

I have learned that just taking a few minutes each day and shutting out the chaos that is going on around me, helps me to relax and brings me more peace. For me, it also helps me to think more clearly and to find my own voice for what is important to me; not my husband, not my children, not my business. It brings me peace and peace brings me hope and inspiration. It is amazing the positive energy and inspiration that a few minutes of quiet reflection can bring into your life.

In fact, I am feeling so inspired, that I am now going to write down some things that I want to accomplish as I move through 2014. They aren’t resolutions. They are not demands. It is more like a list of things I can do in small attainable steps that will help propel me to meet my goals in all aspects of my life—personal and professional. They will help move me to where I hope to be—the person I hope to be and the artist I hope to become.  There is no deadline on this. It doesn’t and won’t all happen in 2014.

So, instead of writing a Demand List of New Year’s Resolutions, I for one, will make a list of my hopes and dreams. A gentler, easier, more attainable, manageable type of approach to gradually reach my goals, one step at a time. One day at a time.

Happy New Years!


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