Sketch Books

A few years ago a bought lots of sketch books—they were on sale at a great price from one of those big box stores and it was of course too good of a deal to pass up!

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What New Year’s Resolution?

Well?  Are you tired of reading and hearing all about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions yet? Every year-the same old thing! Ugh! I usually don’t bother to make any and the few times when I did, I broke them almost as quickly as I made them. So what’s the point? Right?

I was thinking of all those people making new lists. Even poor old Santa has to start making a new list as soon as December is over!

Santa Christmas Greeting Card Merry Christmas Card with Can You Find Hidden Picture Game

Anyway. I’ve had two weeks vacation and after visiting with many relatives, I spent most of the second week at home just reading and relaxing. I did end up reflecting on the past year-which was a doozie!  Very thankful it all turned out so well in the end, but believe me, it had more downs than ups. I am glad to be moving ahead with 2014.

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