Honorable Mention

I am excited to share that my “Crab on Deck” paper sculpture illustration won ‘Honorable Mention‘ at the 13th Annual National Miniature Exhibition at the Renaissance Art Gallery in West Virginia!



Another Miniature Exhibition!

I am excited to announce that three of my paper sculpture illustrations that were accepted in the juried show at the 13th Annual National Miniature Exhibition at the Renaissance Art Gallery in West Virginia. The show will run November 3rd thru December 8th. Each one is painted in watercolor and gouache and is made entirely out of paper.

These are the three illustrations:

1.)    Crab on Deck


2.)    Three O’clock in the Afternoon


3.)    Bunny’s in My Garden (Again!)


Quick! Get the Camera!

Quick, get the Camera!  Oh, never mind… It’s at home!  I sure did learn the hard way to always have a camera with me. Years ago – long before cell phones/cameras — we were driving through the beautiful countryside on a winding road in the fall, through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. As we were headed down into the valley were eight of the most beautiful hot air balloons I had ever seen.

It was so unexpected! I had driven on this road hundreds of times, watching for deer, checking out the various horse farms, but never had I seen I sight like this.  These weren’t just your usual type of hot air balloons with the various striped color designs. Each balloon was a different character- one was even the shape of a witch!

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