Ruffled Feathers Wins 2nd Place!

Today, I attended the artist reception for the 30th Annual National North American Miniature Art Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Fells Point in Baltimore Maryland.

I was surprised to see that my two entries, Birdwing Butterfly and my pink flamingo, titled, “Ruffled Feathers”, were both on display in the front window of the gallery. I was really thrilled to find out that “Ruffled Feathers” won 2nd place in the Mixed Media category! My first award for one of my watercolor paper sculpture illustrations!


My paintings of the pink flamingo and the Birdwing butterfly are both only 2” x 3” and are displayed in a shadowbox frame because they are both three-dimensional. But, when viewing a photo of my paintings, it would be easy to mistake them for a much larger piece. This is what makes miniature art so interesting — the tiny size and amount of detail is still easy to see when it is enlarged.

BirdwingBUtterflyin a Box_RV22 copy

At Fells Point Gallery there are 238 pieces of miniature art work on display. There are so many interesting miniatures at the show. I will mention a few of them here.

“Bobcat” painted by Brenda Morgan, was another second place winner in the Oil painting division. The detail of the fur coat on this large cat oil painting (painted in miniature of course) is so detailed and realistic that you are able to see each piece of fur on the cat’s coat.

The title of Susan Kern’s paintings, “Ahhh!” definitely sums up the image she is portraying in her paintings. Can’t you just hear that polar bear coming up out of the icy blue cold water for a breath of air and saying, “Ahhh!”

If Wes Siegrist has a painting at a miniature art show, you don’t want to miss it. And, take that magnifying glass with you to check out his paintings. Details, details, details! All in watercolor and gouache. His painting, “The Old Man”, received first place in watercolor.

“Sundance” depicts a beautiful serene landscape in front of a lake with the sun in the distance.  You just want to sit there for hours enjoying this peaceful place that Linda Rossin has created for us. She received first place for this wonderful acrylic painting.

I wish I could mention all the artists, but it is getting late…it is 2:13 am….so I better stop now.  I’ll mention more miniature artists after I attend my next show which will be at the The Mansion at Strathmore. More on that later….in another blog post…

The other interesting thing about the miniature art shows that I want to mention is the variety of different mediums artists use to create their miniature art work. You of course have the classic oil, watercolor, gouache, and acrylics. But then you also have encaustic, stoneware, scratchboard, colored pencil, pastel, etching, alabaster, pencil and probably even more. That just creates even more interest for miniature art shows.

The show will run till November 3rd.  If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area between now and November 3rd, I hope you will take the time to stop in at the gallery on Thames Street-not too far from the Inner Harbor. Remember to check out the art with the magnifying glass! Have fun!


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