The Final Cat

I finished my cat painting this week! I decided to go with a blue background.


For the paper sculpture elements, I added cat whiskers and ears that stick out from the paper to give it that 3D look.



And finally, here is the cat, all framed and ready to go!




Ruffled Feathers Wins 2nd Place!

Today, I attended the artist reception for the 30th Annual National North American Miniature Art Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Fells Point in Baltimore Maryland.

I was surprised to see that my two entries, Birdwing Butterfly and my pink flamingo, titled, “Ruffled Feathers”, were both on display in the front window of the gallery. I was really thrilled to find out that “Ruffled Feathers” won 2nd place in the Mixed Media category! My first award for one of my watercolor paper sculpture illustrations!


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