Fells Point Gallery

It was a beautiful day in Baltimore today-sunny and hot. My husband and I dropped off two new miniature paintings at the Art Gallery at Fells Point in Baltimore MD today.  The gallery is on Thames Street, close to the inner harbor.  They are having their 30th Annual Miniature Art Exhibition in October.  After we dropped off my paintings, we thought we would spend the day in Baltimore and check out the area.


To our surprise, the weekly Farmer’s Market with some craft vendor’s was also going on in the morning at Fells Point. My husband bought me a beautiful pair of earrings from one of the local artists, SilverWear Originals. I was happy to hear she also has a shop on Etsy where she sells her jewelry, (just in case I need another pair of earrings!)  I really like her style and designs of her jewelry. I also like being able to purchase something handmade and from a local artist.


After checking out the market, we stopped for lunch at the Green Turtle for a great tasting burger. I had to check out some of the other quaint shops in the area, as we gradually made our way down to the Inner Harbor. The Grand Prix was also going on in the city.  You could hear the cars zipping through the area, but we couldn’t see any of them without buying a ticket to the event.


After checking out some more stores at the inner harbor we decided to take a Water Taxi back to Fells Point where we had parked the car. Taking the Water Taxi to Fells Point was definitely a good decision-very relaxing and a cool breeze on the water.


One of the nice benefits of dropping off my art work in person is that my husband and I get to enjoy a nice afternoon in the town where the gallery is located. If I wouldn’t have been dropping off my paintings today, we never would have spent the day in Baltimore. We probably would have gone food shopping, and all those other mundane errands that need to get done on the weekend. So, this was a great diversion! Plus, I was able to meet a fellow artist!


I have a couple more shows coming up in September.  Looking forward to checking out those areas too. Well, I have to get back to painting if I plan on entering the next show!



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