Sunset Over the Park

I love getting new art materials for gifts!  What artist doesn’t? One of my favorite gifts was this cute little travel sized paint set. It is the Cotman Winsor and Newton Watercolor Travel Set.  This was the first travel watercolor set I ever had, which is hard to believe, since I’ve been painting my whole life. Well, since I was old enough to hold a brush in my hand, that is!  I really like this cute little travel set.

The set comes with a total of fourteen different watercolor cakes and a small brush. The paint tray for mixing and blending colors is in the lid, and it even has a little pull out cup that snaps onto the side of the palette which I like to use for my water.


This was the first time I used the Cotman watercolors and the watercolor cakes. Prior to this, I have always painted with Winsor and Newton watercolors and gouache that comes in the paint tubes.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the cakes, but was looking forward to trying something new.  I thought the paint may not be able to dissolve thoroughly in the water, leaving a grainy color.  Happily, this was not the case at all. The Cotman colors are vibrant, rich colors.

One of the first things I decided to paint was the beautiful sunset I could see while I sat on my deck.  Just as the sun was beginning to set behind the tree line, there were beautiful colors of oranges and pinks, so vibrant, but I had to paint fast because the sun was quickly fading behind the trees.

I love painting sunsets in watercolors – filling the paper with water, working wet-on-wet, loading up the brush with lots of rich colors, vibrant magenta,  oranges, yellows, crimson and a touch of purples and blues. I allowed the colors to mix and blend together into the sky, as I paint my interpretation of the sun setting,

As soon as I finished the sky, I quickly started to work on the tree line, capturing the tops of the trees, and hurrying before I lost all of my light. My finished painting, “Sunset Over the Park”, is the first painting I did with my new “toy”.  Since then, I have taken it to many places.

This Cotman Winsor and Newton Travel Set is very convenient and easy to carry with you.  I definitely recommend it. It is great to have so many different colors available in one little set.  All you need is water and paper, and you are good to go!

Sunset Painting Original Watercolor Painting 5 x 7 Landscape Summer Woodland Sunrise

I also just thought of a great little thank you gift idea. If you happen to stay over at a friend or relative’s house,  leave them with a little painting that you made with your travel paint set.

I hope I have inspired you to paint something new as you do some traveling over the summer.

Happy Painting!



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