Last week I posted a list of my top 10 favorite things to draw, and I mentioned on point 10 that I would get back to you with a story. Well here it is.

Now, the funniest part about this whole list of “Things I like to Draw and Paint”, is that I happen to like pinwheels. So over the last several years, every now and then, I’ll buy myself a pinwheel from the Dollar Store.  My daughter always teases me about my “pinwheel collection”, as she calls it.

But, I keep telling her that I am not collecting them, I am buying them for reference material. I buy them because I have an idea in mind that I want to use them for a painting, but I just haven’t gotten time to paint it yet.  Well, I don’t have any evidence of ever painting a pinwheel from the last post because I really hadn’t gotten around to painting any.

Actually, the truth of it is, I did paint one very small, teeny tiny pinwheel painting.  It was a Christmas present.  I didn’t take a photo of it for evidence. But, guess who the painting was for?  That’s right, my daughter!  And, she actually likes the painting.  Well, I am assuming she does, because it is one of the few pictures she has setting out in her small apartment.  (See I told her pinwheels are cute and fun!) 

I had been collecting these pinwheels for years and just couldn’t quite find the motivation to paint them; somehow any ideas I had for the pinwheels just didn’t make it onto paper. It took discovering miniature art for me to finally get those pinwheels painted and prove to my daughter I wasn’t just a crazy pinwheel collector. It was a sign that maybe I was onto something inspiring with miniature art.

First of all, I was curious if miniature art was something I could even do. Secondly, I wanted to discover if it was as much fun as it looked like it could be.  (Yes, I said fun-as in…oh cool, I can’t wait to start painting today. I like painting those little tiny details and such!) 

As I was painting the little teeny tiny painting of my pinwheels for my daughter, it was coming out okay, but I felt compelled to do something different with it. I don’t usually paint still life drawings and felt I wanted to add another element to my daughter’s pinwheel painting.  After all she deserves to have a pinwheel painting for all the teasing she’d been dishing out. 

So, I wanted to see if I could also make some paper pinwheels to add to the teeny tiny painting. I’ve been influenced by the miniature artists and also some fabulous paper sculpture artists.  What better way to combine two things I’ve recently become really enthusiastic about!  Miniature and paper sculpture! 

So, there it was: Her teeny, tiny little present-her favorite, pinwheels (Okay, my favorite-but she needs something to remind her of her mom doesn’t she?)…a vase filled with pinwheels! I was pretty happy with the result.

Now as I look back, at this whole pinwheel incident, I find it somewhat ironic that I did spend years “collecting” my pinwheels.  I really do have a pinwheel painting in mind and thought I could paint them – someday.

Years later, I finally paint them in a completely different way from my original plan.  Plus, this teeny, tiny little pinwheel painting is the very first time I combined my miniature art and paper sculpture ideas into one final painting. 

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to really paint those pinwheels using my original composition and idea.  Maybe I really was supposed to wait till just the right moment in time when all the right elements come together and line up to paint the pinwheels.  When the time is right, it will happen.  I love when things like that happen! 

Now, if only I could get my daughter to take a picture of her favorite painting in the whole wide world and send it to me-then I can show it to all of you, too!

(My daughter did cough up a picture! Please excuse the quality of the picture; the girl needs a better camera, but you get the idea!)




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