Top 10 Favorite Things to Draw

1. My family – (One of my favorite people modeled for Santa!)

Santa Christmas Greeting Card Merry Christmas Card with Can You Find Hidden Picture Game

2. My pets – (My little Molly is adorable, but can be mischievous!)

Calico Cat Watercolor Illustration Painting An Original Watercolor Painting of a Kitten

3. Flowers – Pink Daisies and the Violets.  These violets were the wedding favors at a wedding I attended.  I had the violets for years-they were gorgeous, so I finally decided to paint them-thank goodness, because not long afterward, they suddenly died!

8 x 10 Purple Violet Flower Print

4. Type faces (text, fonts) – Quilling Love Card.  I am often doodling names and words, and this time I decided to “write” the word Love very simply in “paper”.

Blank Note Card LOVE Engagement Card Romantic Card Anniversary Card
5. Desserts-Yum! My favorite dessert – Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Birthday Greeting Card Can You Find Puzzle Card
6. Seashells

Seashells Birthday Card with a Bucket of Seashells and Can You Find Hidden Objects
7. Animals

Horse Birthday Greeting Card With the Hidden Object Game Called Can You Find
8. Something outside my window – Squirrels – When I lived in Pennsylvania, we always had lots of squirrels in our yard. My parents also had squirrel feeders for them. They are fun to watch and fun animals to draw and paint.

Can You Find Squirrel Birthday Greeting Card

9. Butterflies

Green Birdwing Butterfly Painting Butterfly Original Watercolor Painting Miniature Painting

10. Pinwheels- I have a funny story about these, which I will save for next week! Stay tuned…

What are some of your favorite things to draw, paint, sculpt…?


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