Are you Staring At a Blank Page?

“What should I draw (or write or create)?’ is a question we all ask ourselves when facing that scary blank page.  Here are my top eight suggestions for finding inspiration for that new project or to at least get started somewhere.

  1. Look at your favorite old masters.  Today I went to see an Albrecht Dürer exhibit.  He is the German equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci. Dürer is one of my favorite artists, as he is a master of watercolor and gouache.  His black and white line work makes me want to get out my pen and ink and start practicing drawing hands again.
  2. Put on some of your favorite music.  Get out your favorite art tools and supplies and give yourself permission to just play.  Turn up the volume, get out the paint and go for it!  Soft, melancholy classical music will produce a different mood.  Close your eyes, listen to the orchestra play.  Whatever music you choose, just have fun with it and don’t worry about what the art looks like.  You don’t have to show it to anyone; you just need to get those creative juices flowing.
  3. Find your favorite quote or Bible scripture.  Then, think of how you would translate those words into art.  Let that be your starting point and see where it takes you.
  4. Think back to one of your favorite memories, whether it was a child or an adult.  Bring those vivid and fond memories to life.
  5. Find any, everyday object, like a set of keys.  Can you draw them in five completely different styles and make something mundane really come to life?  Now draw those keys with your eyes closed.  Next draw them using your opposite hand.
  6. What is your favorite food? (Or favorite animal, flower, school subject…) Draw it, paint it, make a collage out of it, or however you want to show off that item  artistically.
  7. Name three things that you feel strongly about in your life.  Three of your core values. (Examples: religion, family, friends) How can you incorporate one or all of these values into your art?
  8. When you think of your art, what is it that you want to show others, or what do you want others to see or get out of your art?  What are you trying to say or share?  What are your art values? Pick up one of your art pieces that is already completed and ask these questions.  Now, how can you apply those art values and improve upon that already completed piece?  What could you change to make it better?

Hopefully that gives you somewhere to start the next time you are stuck staring at that blank page!


One thought on “Are you Staring At a Blank Page?

  1. Is it so that sometimes artist (or somebody learning art) doesn’t know what to paint or draw? Amazing! I have completely other problem: too many ideas and no time since I’m also a medical translator. Jobs are large, deadlines tight. Who knows what’s worse: to have no time or no ideas. I really liked one of your most recent paintings (apple blossoms).

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