Never Enough Reference Material

As I may have mentioned before, I use a lot of reference material for my work.  I also happen to enjoy collecting reference material, because, well, you just never know when you might need it.   That is my explanation for this large stack of recently purchase books…


All my new books, spread across the table.

Every year, the local library has a HUGE book sale as a fundraiser.  They have buildings the size of barns filled with tables and tables of books of all genres and topics.  Anything from the latest romance novel, to fun pop-up kid’s books or computer books.

I  bought some reference material books-birds, landscape, animals, flowers, and some craft books, children’s books, a sign language book (something I’ve always wanted to learn), art book on Rembrandt, some Mitch Albom books and card making books.

Having the craft books around, just like children’s books or art books, sometimes will help to spark a new idea of something for me to make, whether for hobby or business.

I also got a bunch of kids books. One of the books I got was a Velveteen Rabbit book, illustrated by Allen Atkins.  The illustrations caught my eye and I wanted to look at the way he illustrated the story and which scenes he chose and compare his illustrations with my favorite illustrator of the “Velveteen Rabbit”, illustrated by Don Daily.

Another favorite kind of book of mine are pop-up books.  Now really, what artist could refuse an adorable pop-up book like “Mayday to the Rescue?”

Mayday to the Rescue

Mayday to the Rescue

The book appears to be brand new, and it is so cute and adorable.  I was very excited about all of the books that I got.  Now I have even more ideas sprouting and rolling around in my head.  So many books, so many ideas, so little time!


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