Miniature Art

I have mentioned in a couple posts that I really like adding lots of details in my paintings, and last week, I posted a teeny tiny chipmunk I painted.

In December, the Strathmore Mansion near Washington DC held their 79th Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.  The show featured hundreds of paintings that were only a few inches in size, and were at times, best viewed through a magnifying glass.  The detail was breathtaking on such a small scale.  I had originally thought I would spend maybe an hour wandering around, but instead, I was there for several hours.

After seeing this show, I felt so inspired.  Miniature art just seems to suit my style of art and gives me new enthusiasm for my work! Something just seemed to spark and as soon as I got home, I started to research miniature artists. I didn’t know very much about this particular art genre, and I never saw any in person, till the show.

Since seeing that show a couple months ago, I feel like I found a new niche for my art; it brings everything I like to do in watercolor and gouache together…painting tiny details with my  triple “0” paint brush, in a tiny little picture.  To qualify as miniature, all paintings have to fit into a 5” x 7” frame or smaller!  So cool!

I have always been using my teeny tiny brushes to paint my illustrations, even though the pictures are larger than 5” x 7″. I even used those tiny brushes on a painting of my cat, Molly, that is 20” x 12”.

Molly - 20" by 12"

Molly – 20″ by 12″

Here is a recent miniature painting I have done of another cat I named Snickers.  Notice a similar level of detail, except Snickers here is only 1″ by 1″.


Snickers - 1" by 1"

Snickers – 1″ by 1″

It will be so much more fun to paint details in a tiny picture.  I love the idea of that challenge.  My next goal is to check the rules for entering miniature art exhibits and competitions and see where that goes.  I can’t wait to get back to my studio.  That show gave me lots of ideas, and a much needed jolt of inspiration for my art.

My new problem? So many ideas, so little time…


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