Never Enough Reference Material

As I may have mentioned before, I use a lot of reference material for my work.  I also happen to enjoy collecting reference material, because, well, you just never know when you might need it.   That is my explanation for this large stack of recently purchase books…


All my new books, spread across the table.

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What is Quilling?

I am a quiller.  It may sound like a weird affliction, but it’s actually an old form of paper art.  Basically, it originated way back when, during the Renaissance time or so, and is fashioned from thin strips of paper manipulated into different shapes.

For example, these skinny strips of paper can be rolled up and pressed into shapes, or cut with tiny scissors to add extra embellishments.  It’s a tedious, detailed process that is right up my alley, when I feel like it.


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Miniature Art

I have mentioned in a couple posts that I really like adding lots of details in my paintings, and last week, I posted a teeny tiny chipmunk I painted.

In December, the Strathmore Mansion near Washington DC held their 79th Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.  The show featured hundreds of paintings that were only a few inches in size, and were at times, best viewed through a magnifying glass.  The detail was breathtaking on such a small scale.  I had originally thought I would spend maybe an hour wandering around, but instead, I was there for several hours.

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